Washing hands with sea salt for money

There are very few in this world that can say that they aren’t in need of more money. If you are like most of the people in this world you can always need at least a little more or you might be in dire need just to be able to put food on your table. No matter which category you fall into, this article is for you. I have laid out a simple ritual that works to attract money by washing your hands with sea salt. For guidance and tips on how to attract money and find what you are looking for in life you can get a free numerology report if you click here.  

But now on with the article 

The meaning of salt in manifestation and the Universe

If you are just looking for the ritual you can skip this first part. But if you are like me and want to understand the whole process this part of the article will explain the meaning of salt in manifestation and the Universe. Salt is what we call the mineral Halite or Sodium Chloride as it is also known. 

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The main spiritual properties of sea salt are:

Manifestation, anchoring spiritual energies and abundance

Salt comes from the sea, but because of the cubic growth of its crystals it is a symbol that is connected with earth. The cube symbolizes equality, stability and the material world. That is why alot of thrones, temples and altares often are built in a cubic way or by many smaller cubes. Because of salt’s connection to the cube it is connected to manifestation, mirroring cosmology in the form of architecture and grounding. 

Connecting to the ocean, the Moon and its cycles

Salt is sourced in deposits that were created when water evaporated from parts of the sea where it was shallow. Salt is not only connected to earth as stated above, it is also connected to the ocean which is quite logical as that is where it comes from. Salt is the ruler of all water and that’s why it is connected to femenine energies too. These include dreaming, balancing emotions and intuition. 

Due to salt being a very old compound found in nature it is linked to our subconscious emotions, for example things that have happened before, our childhoods or even an earlier life that we are not aware we had.

Hospitality, house warming, and domestic harmony

Today salt is a household item for most people, but throughout history salt has been considered a luxury good in many parts of the world. In earlier times it was just a product for rich and famous people and salt were considered extremely precious. People of very high social status tried to obtain salt to show their status. 

Salt has also been a part of building bridges between people and whole cultures and was seen as a token of respect, hospitality and friendship. If you had shared salt you should not harm each other. That is why salt is associated with hospitality, housewarming and domestic harmony.   

Purification, spiritual protection, and releasing unwanted influences

Salt has been one of the ways people have to keep food from spoiling for a long time. This makes it synonymous with preservation and protection which is linked to holiness. In spirituality it is used in different rituals like making circles, piles or lines of it to stop spiritual decay. 

Insights on life, rebirth and death

Salt plays a big role in our bodies, we have it in the water that is located in our bodies and when we sweat a lot during a hot summer day we lose a lot of these salts, that is a big part of why we start to feel bad, the same goes after a night of party when we wake up and feel hungover. The water in our body has a quite similar makeup to seawater, even though the ratio of salt in the water is different. Salt has also been used in healthcare throughout history. 

This is why salt is linked to life, rebirth and death. It is an important compound not just for feeling good, but for life as a whole.

Bringing prosperity

Salt has been used in rituals for a long time throughout history. Some of these rituals are for your body like health, some have been for peace like I wrote about above and some rituals have been for prosperity, just like the sea salt for money ritual listed below.  

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The washing hands with saltwater for money ritual

So now you know why salt has been used throughout history, what it means and its uses in manifestations. But now ist time to learn the actual ritual you came here for, so you too can wash your hands with salt for money. The good news is that it is very easy, below I have outlined the steps. 

1. This simple water ritual for money must be made on a specific day to work. This day is the first Sunday of every month. 

2. Take a glass that you can see through and fill it up with water from your tap.

3. Add one tablespoon of salt to your glass of water. Make sure you use actual sea salt or organic Himalayan salt for this to work. Let the glass be for an hour without touching it. If you only have normal table salt you can try with it, but from what I have seen its not really worth the trouble, get the real deal so you know you get the best chance of succeeding in manifesting money through this sea salt ritual. 

4. After an hour has passed it is time to wash your hands with the water. Say this affirmation as you wash your hands:  “Salt is protective and it will help me to multiply my money and bring comfort to my home.” 

5. Do not dry your hands with a towel or cloth. The most important part of the whole ritual is that you let your hands air dry. It is okay to shake them or clap them, but don’t use anything else to dry them up. 

6. After you are done, put another tablespoon of salt into the glass and put it in a corner of your house, let it sit there for 24 hours. The salt will draw out and absorb negative energy and vibrations that you have in your house. 

7. Repeat the ritual every first Sunday of every month for best results. 

Tip for better chance of succeeding 

The most important tip I can give you to achieve success in washing your hands for money is to have positive affirmations about it. Everything about manifesting something, whether it’s a loved one, money and whatever technique you use, you have to trust that it will work and let the universe provide for you. Doubt is your worst enemy in manifestation.  

3 More rituals using sea salt you can incorporate for better results

The ritual listed above works for a lot of people, but if you want to increase your chances you can incorporate these 3 small rituals for more power to attract money. 

1. Put salt on the center and back side of your entrance door. Just like in the text above it is important that you use real sea salt or organic Himalayan salt to get any benefits. Place a full hand of salt to attract good Chi, bring money and prosperity into your house, this ritual will help even those who  just visits you. It is important to note that you should clean up the old salt and replace it with new salt every ten days or it might stop working. 

2. Keep sea salt in your wallet. It doesn’t sound very fun to have salt there but fear not as it is okay to conceal it in a small bag or plastic. A teaspoon is enough so it won’t take up too much space. 

3. Put sea salt in small containers that you can put out in the corners of your house, it is fine with containers that you can conceal. This will absorb negative vibrations and energy in your home which might be getting in the way of you and money. The same 10 day rule for changing the sea salt applies here. 

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As usual I really hope you enjoyed the article and that it helps you to attract more money in your life whether you only use the things laid out in this article or if you go with a numerology report too. 

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