Can you manifest someone to break up?

Are the love of your life with someone else or have your ex moved on but you want him back? Then a pretty normal question: can you manifest someone to break up? The answer is yes, but this is a very hard thing to manifest and it is not risk free as you will be messing with someone else’s relationships and their connection to the universe. So tread with caution with this one. 

I certainly recommend getting a free numerology report to give you as much knowledge about yourself and your connection to the universe before starting.  

In this article I will go through how to manifest a breakup, what pitfalls you might face and why you maybe shouldn’t do it at all. 

Before manifesting a breakup

Before you go into this darker form of manifestation you should think long and hard about if its worth it. Below I have listed a few different things to consider before you start. 

1. Consequences of manifesting a negative thing

If you have studied the law of attraction and manifestation or are a regular visitor to this blog you have surely read that you should always focus on positive things when manifesting and stay away from negative things that send out bad vibrations into the universe. Trying to get someone else to break up is a negative manifestation as you have to focus on bad things for it to happen and the universe has put them together for a reason.

When you manifest a breakup where you are not involved there are a big risk that you attract negative karma to yourself. It might not show its ugly face from the start but sooner or later there is a big risk that it will come back to you. 

As an example: you get with the person you have manifested to break up and are successful with that part, there is a big chance that your negative energy from doing this will turn the relationship sour and it will become very toxic for you. It might also lead to the person cheating on you for the same reason. 

Ask yourself if it would be a good experience if someone did this to you, the answer is most certainly no and you can clearly see that this is a bad thing to do. 

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2. It may not work

Manifesting takes time and you have to be really focused to succeed. In this case success is even less likely as manifesting something bad is even harder. People also have their own free will which will come into play a lot more here than usual. Normally manifestation works good as long as you still work towards what you are trying to achieve in your daily life, but when that person is with someone else that gets alot harder. And if you try to get between them in their relationship that too brings bad karma to your life. 

3. Focus on yourself

Instead of messing around with trying to break up other people you can focus on working on yourself. Improve your confidence by putting yourself out there, try to find happiness in your life as it is by viewing things from a different perspective and try to be mindful about both yourself and your surroundings. If you manage to do these things you will live a happy life and send out positive signals into the universe. 

Focus on manifesting happy and positive things that better both your life and the people around you. 

This is the way to bring the right person into your life, no matter who that is. The person will come into your life in a positive way and that means that your relationship will be good and positive too.  

How to manifest someone to break up

Okay, so you have decided to go on and try to manifest a breakup. I’m not judging, in fact I understand completely and you now know the risks of doing it. So below I have lined out the best plan for you to manifest someone else to break up. 

1. Use reverse scripting

You might have heard about scripting and know how to do it. In short you write down happy things about you and the person you are trying to manifest in very detailed paragraphs. In this case you are doing it in reverse and you will write in the same way but you pretend to be the person you want to break up with when you write. So you should write about what that person feels about you, want to do with you and how badly he wants you. The important thing is to completely neglect that person’s partner, pretend that person dont exist as you perform your reverse scripting. 

2. Reverse Visualization

You probably are familiar with visualization but if you’re not it’s a pretty easy concept. Find a safe space where you will not be disturbed and sit down, relax and close your eyes. Try to focus on what you want to manifest, be very detailed in how things look, where you are and how it feels when you are doing these things. 

In reverse visualization you do it the exact same way but you do it as if you were the person that you want to break up with. Ignore the person’s partner completely and focus on how much he would want you instead, why you are the love of his life and what you are doing together. The more detailed you are with your visualization the more powerful it is. 

3. Break Up A Relationship With A Spell

If you dont get the results you want with the two first steps you can try the most powerful way, which is a spell to manifest someone to break up. And it is quite easy to do. As a note of caution though, negative spells brings bad karma. So consider if it is worth it before you try it. 

The ritual and spell: 

1. Buy a white candle and a bottle of Separation and break up manifestation oil.

2. Focus hard on imagining the break up of the person you are manifesting as you rub the oil into the candle. Make sure you cover the whole candle. 

3. Write an affirmation of the couple breaking up.

4. Fold the paper where you wrote the affirmation on three times and put it under the candle before you light it. 

5. When the candle is lit, let it burn all the way down until there is nothing left, then take the paper and burn that too until all is completely burned down. 

Tip: for the best chance to avoid bad karma for casting this spell try to find the most positive reasons to break them up, the more positive the better chance that this dont backfire on you and also increases the chance that it will work. I know this tip is pretty hard to actually do, but if you can find a reason that is bad, that is at least better than a very bad one. 

Can You Manifest a Breakup In Your Own Relationship?

So what about manifesting a breakup in your own life? Yes, this is a completely different animal as you can do that without meddling with someone else’s life path and you can do it for positive reasons. Especially if you are in a toxic relationship that makes you feel bad or it holds you back from your full potential in some way. 

If you’re already thinking about a breakup regularly there is a pretty big chance that you already are manifesting it without realizing you are actually doing it. Thinking about it often is a pretty strong manifestation in itself. 

If you want to manifest a breakup for yourself try the same techniques that i wrote about when trying to manifest a breakup for someone else. 

1. Use scripting and write down positive things about being single and why you deserve these things. But this time write from your own perspective. 

2. Visualize how it would be to finally feel free from this toxic relationship. Picture yourself doing things that make you happy that your partner held you back from, focus on how it feels, where you are and so on. Be as detailed as possible. 

The fastest way

This is really not a manifestation technique, it is just taking action. But there is no doubt that just breaking up with the person is the fastest way for you to break free. We all know it sucks and is a hard conversation to have, but if you are already thinking about it and feeling doubtful there is a big possibility that your partner has felt that energy too and are going in the same thoughts already.    

Conclusion about manifesting someone to break up

This article has been a bit darker than usual both with the task at hand and all the warnings I have put out in it. Whatever you take away from this article and choose to do I hope that you get what you want and find happiness in your life. 

But again, seriously think it through before interfering in someone else’s life in a negative way. You have to consider the risks before getting to work on this one.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article I really recommend you get a numerology reading if you decide to do this. It will help guide you and lower the risk of it backfiring. It is completely free and you can find it here. 

There are also more benefits to having a personal numerology reading: 

*You will get a better understanding about your path and purpose.

*You will get a better understanding and connection to the universe.

*Learn to see signs the universe is sending you clearer. 

*Faster manifestations that have a higher rate of success. 

And much more. 

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