Signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually

Twin flames have a very special and powerful bond to each other. This applies in all situations, even if you haven’t been introduced yet. The bond is both spiritual, passionate and sexual. Some twin flames have such a strong bond to each other that they even can make love telepathically while being apart. 

In this article I will provide some signs that might mean that your twin flame is thinking about you in a sexual way. 

Before we get to the signs 

As always there are many different scenarios that might mean that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually, so sometimes it might be hard to interpret what is right. That’s why I always recommend getting a numerology reading as that gives you guidance based on your own angel numbers. It will also give you a deeper understanding of the universe, angels and the message that they try to send you. And the best part is that it only takes around 2 minutes to get it done and IT’S FREE! 

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Signs that your twin flame is thinking about you sexually

1. You feel the same thing as your twin flame. 

This sign is not science based and not all twin flames have the ability to feel the same as your twin flame is feeling now. But there are quite a lot of reports that twin flames start to feel the body sensations of each other. This is a sign that your twin flame has a very strong sexual desire for you. Even though it might sound a bit strange as you also can feel negative sensations of your partner. I have listed some examples below: 

  • Nausea
  • Feeling hot or cold
  • Changes in heartbeat
  • A warm feeling in your heart chakra
  • Sexual arousal
  • Changes of the voice
  • Shivers down your spine
  • Nervousness

2. Feel their touch even though they are not around. 

This is quite a spooky feeling, to feel someone’s touch even though you are by yourself. But it’s a very big sign that your twin flame is having sexual thoughts about you. 

Often it shows itself with the feeling of someone gently touching your skin in a very loving and erotic way. Even though it’s quite strange at first, It is something that might make your relationship and sex life that more special when you get used to the feeling. 

The explanation of this phenomenon comes from the Red Tread of Fate which is Chinese mythology. And it explains that twin flames are connected through whats called a silver cord, this is a powerful spiritual energy that keeps them connected. And that is why you can feel each others feelings, emotions and touch without being with one another when it happens. 

3. Erotic dreams about your twin flame.

If you have studied spirituality a bit, this sign will come as no surprise to you. Having erotic or sexual dreams about your twin flame can be a strong sign that the person is having sexual thoughts about you. 

As you twin flames have a very strong connection, it’s very likely that you will connect even when you are asleep in the metaphysical realm where you can achieve twin flame union without being in the same place.

But this sign can be interpreted in different ways, although it is a strong sign that your twin flame is thinking sexual thoughts about you, it can also be that you subconsciously are manifesting a sexual encounter with the person or just that the person is missing you. Or that you are missing your twin flame. 

4. You draw carnal-related tarot cards.

If you are into tarot cards and tarot readings and see carnal-related signs, well then your twin flame might think of you sexually. There are alot of tarot cards that relates to encounters, compatibility and sexual attraction. If you draw these cards alot its a sign. 

But as a reminder I would like to point out that many cards have different meanings and interpretations, so to be sure you can consult a professional tarot reader or get yourself a numerology report. 

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5. You have your twin flame on your mind. 

You think about your twin flame a lot. Both about what you have done together before, fantasize about what you want to do with the person, who they’re with, what they are doing now and you might even have very sexual thoughts about the person. 

The reason this is a sign is that there is a good chance that your twin flame is acting and feeling the same way as you do right now. So if you have sexual thoughts about him it’s very probable that he is having it about you too.

6. You feel very energized.

A sign might not always show itself as something sexual even though the meaning behind it might be. As we now know through science, sex is a very good mood lifter, stress reliever and oftentimes you feel more energized when you have regular sex. And as your twin flame connection is a very strong force, energy can manifest just from the person thinking sexually about you. 

Oftentimes this sign shows itself by you feeling more productive and driven to take on new projects and challenges than usual. 

This also goes the other way around if you are the one having sexy thoughts about another person, that person is the one feeling more energized. 

7. You get goosebumps.

Goosebumps can be hard to interpret as we get them from time to time. So if you get them when it’s cold, you are listening to an amazing piece of music or are doing anything else that can trigger that response, don’t see it as a sign. 

But if you get sudden goosebumps without any reason when you’re not doing anything specific it might be a sign that your twin flame is having hot thoughts about you.

Goosebumps can be a reaction to touch, especially in erogenous zones which are very related to sexual stimulation. 

So it might be that you are getting goosebumps from your twin flames’ invisible touch. 

8. Your gut feeling says so. 

Call it gut feeling or intuition, either way you should listen to it. Often we get a strong feeling that something is about to happen or that something is a certain way. It is hard to explain why we feel like that and where it comes from, but more often than not we are right about those assumptions. 

This is especially true if you have been working on the spiritual part of your life, found happiness in the now, are mindful of your surroundings and have connected in a powerful way to the universe. 

If your intuition tells you that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually, trust it, because the person probably is. 

9. You get very horny without reason.

We all get horny sometimes, but often it’s triggered by something. If you get sudden, very strong sexual urges it is a sign that your twin flame is having racy thoughts about you. In this case you become hyper aware of your body, and your sexual organs become hypersensitive to stimulation.

This urge will be so strong that you can’t think of anything else than to get that super orgasm before you can get on with your day. 

10. They reach out to you out of nowhere. 

If your twin flame contacts you out of nowhere at the same time you think of him, it’s probable that he is looking to satisfy his sexual desire for you. The contact can take place in many ways, it can be a text, a DM on social media or a phone call.

If it’s someone you have been together with before it might also be a sign that he misses you, so it can be two things here. 

Remember that if it’s your ex you broke up for a reason, and both must work on themselves before it’s time to try again, you have to be the judge about if you feel you have the right priorities to give it another go. 

11. You get a professional psychic reading. 

Psychic readings are one of the fastest ways to confirm if your twin flame is having sexual thoughts about you. The important part is to find a psychic that is professional and well respected in the community, then you will get alot out of your reading. 

If you are curious to try a psychic reading for finding out if your twin flame is thinking of you sexually or just guidance in your whole life, I recommend that you try this one. 

12. You smile for no reason. 

If you find yourself walking around in your daily life smiling without any specific reason its a indication that your other half is thinking about you in a naughty way. We all love when someone finds us sexy and in this case our subconscious can pick up the positive energy created from the other person’s thoughts, this might be euphoric for us and we can’t really wipe that smile off our faces. 

13. Telepathic sex

No, it’s not from some science-fiction movie, it is very real although quite rare. The bond that twin flames share are extremely powerful and the two separate forces of energy are always drawn towards each other. 

Even though telepathic sex between twin flames is rare, it can happen and it’s a whole other type of stimulation than just your sexual organs. It’s a whole body and mind experience that can occur when you are apart. 

14. Your twin flame has dilated pupils. 

This is a bit more of a tell than a spiritual sign, so it’s actually one of the most straightforward things on this list. If your twin flame gets dilated pupils every time he sees you, it is because he gets aroused by you. Therefore he will have sexual thoughts about you when he sees you.

15. Your sexual chemistry is unusually high.

You know the feeling when you want to be close to a person, maybe you find a reason to touch him and you have longer than usual eye contact. When this happens there is an obvious sexual tension in the air and the other person can be sure to notice it too. This means the person is thinking of you sexually. 

16. You have sexual thoughts about your twin flame.

You might be having sexual thoughts about your twin flame, as you have seen on this list there is a good chance that you twin flame notices the signs that you have these thoughts. When that happens he probably has the same thoughts about you. Remember spirituality and the universe works both ways. 

17. You feel the need to see him.

If your twin flame is very smitten by you and spends a lot of time thinking of you, or maybe even is trying to manifest you into his life. Then you might get a sudden need or feeling that you really want to contact or even meet him. When you get this sign in your everyday life your twin flame is probably thinking of you sexually, but maybe more important he is in love with you. 

When you think of him, he will feel the same urges that you feel, that is why the twin flame bond is so incredibly powerful. 

18. You get a change of energy. 

You can be doing something that keeps you very focused and suddenly your focus goes away, and its instead directed towards your twin flame. This is a sign that he is sending out powerful vibrations towards you, and depending on how you feel and how you think about your twin flame is important when trying to understand what it means. 

If you get a warm, cozy and loving feeling it’s a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you in a very loving way. 

If you get aroused and that’s why you can’t focus, it’s most likely a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually. Even if you feel a bit confused about this at first, feel free to explore this feeling as it can be used for pleasure for the both of you. 

19. You feel as if you are not alone. 

This feeling can be scary in some cases, we all have had the feeling when we walk outside in the dark as an example. But in this case you won’t feel scared. 

You will feel as if your twin flame is there with you, the comfort of having him there and the feeling you have inside when he is around. It will be a very different experience if you’ve never experienced it before, but let the good vibrations in and enjoy it. 

This sign is often more about love, but it can be of sexual nature too. 

20. You just know.

There are some things we just can explain, we just know it in our subconscious mind. This ties in a bit with gut feeling and intuition, but sometimes you can be even more sure than that. You don’t really know why but you just feel what is happening and know it’s right. So if you get these feelings about sex or love from a person, just let them in and go with them. It’s your path.  


A twin flame couple’s bond is way more than just physical sex, it’s spiritual and about a very deep and powerful type of love that most people never get to experience. Its romance, passion, joy and sometimes even some madness thrown in there. 

Sex is in most cases a very good thing for your mental, physical and spiritual health, and it’s even stronger for twin flames. 

If you still feel confused about which of these signs applies to you, I recommend getting a free numerology report here. It will help you sort out your path in life and give you a deeper connection to the universe.