How many things can you manifest at once?

A lot of people are into manifesting as they have seen results for both themself and the people around them. But a common question that often pops up is if you can manifest more than one thing at a time or how many things you can manifest at a time. In this article I will go through how you can manifest multiple things at the same time, because you certainly can, but it takes a little white, cunning and experience. 

Before seeing how many things you can manifest at once

Manifesting more than one thing at a time takes a bigger understanding of the universe and connection to it for you to succeed. I certainly recommend getting a numerology report before attempting it. It takes about 2 minutes and its free. There are multiple benefits to having a numerology report: 

  • * Manifesting what you are looking for quicker
  • * A stronger connection to the universe
  • * Better understanding of your life and purpose in it
  • * Seeing the universe’s signs clearer because you will know what to look for
  • * Aligning with your real true calling 

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Should you manifest multiple things as a beginner

While it’s very possible to manifest multiple things at once I don’t recommend it for beginners. I know, we want it all and want it now. But to be successful in manifesting what you want you have to have a strong and detailed focus on the things you want to attract into your life, and it can be very hard if you’re not used to these exercises. Although I have a tip later on in the article that might give beginners a way to manifest more than one thing at the same time with a little spirituality hack. 

Is it bad to manifest multiple things at once? 

In short, no there is not anything bad about trying to manifest multiple things at once and nothing bad can come from it. That is as long as you keep your manifestations positive and beneficial for both you and the people around you. 

But it will be harder and increase the risk of failure. You need to pay a lot of attention to all things you are trying to manifest and focus is key. And ofcourse your manifestations can’t conflict with each other, for example: it will be very hard if you are trying to manifest your ex back and a promotion at the same time if a promotion doesn’t give you more time to be together. Because even though the universe will help you on your journey, you still have to create the time to spend with your ex. And it doesn’t work if a promotion will make you spend way more time at work.   

For multiple manifestations you have to work the same multiple times as hard and do your manifestation techniques for all goals. It can be hard work as you need just as much focus on all of your manifestations.  

The biggest risk of manifesting many things at once is not dangerous but it is discouraging. If you take on too many things at once, the risk of not manifesting what you want increases or delays the time it will take. This paves the road for discouragement wich is your enemy when you are trying to accomplish your goal. 

Staying positive and believing that you will succeed is the two most important things in any manifestation. 

A spiritual hack to manifest multiple things at once

So there is a way for some people to have success in manifesting multiple things at once that makes this whole endeavor a lot easier and even beginners can have success with this method. You have to find a singular thing you can manifest that will bring more value in what happens after you are successful. 

An easy example would be that you want to manifest a new car and a computer at the same time. (So you can continue to read this awesome blog) In this case you can focus on manifesting just money, because if you are successful in manifesting money you can buy both a car and a computer. 

You can apply this strategy in all fields of your life, the important thing is to find a manifestation that has an umbrella of benefits under it. Then you have the time to put all your focus on just one thing with a lot more benefits.   

Tips when manifesting multiple things at once

So you can’t use the strategy above to find multiple benefits for one manifestation and still want to give this a try? Then this is the part that you have been looking for. 

1. Be extremely precise in your manifestations.

That means what you want, where you want it, how you want it and how it would feel when it manifests. You have to take away all other thoughts than just the ones you want for every single manifestation you are trying to accomplish. 

2. Stay away from conflicting manifestations.

If you cant find multiple benefits from one manifestation I recommend to try manifestations that are unrelated. And think about this long and hard as some things impact each other in ways you didn’t anticipate. If you are trying to manifest you ex back and manifesting a long vacation overseas you are on the wrong track. If you get to go on a long vacation, where will your ex be? It is a conflict of interest. Be thorough when you consider these things. 

3. Categorize your desires.

To be sure you are finding the right manifestations to do together, ask yourself why you want these exact things. When you ask yourself why it’s not uncommon to find a reason that applies to both of these things. For example if you want to manifest money to buy new clothes and weight loss at the same time. You can use the hack and do one manifestation instead. You should then manifest beauty or self love into your life. This works as both weight loss and new clothes often comes from the same place of insecurity that appears when you don’t feel as beautiful as you actually are. 

4. Find a visualization of multiple goals at once.

Say you are trying to manifest love into your life, a new car and having more free time. Make your visualization of you driving your new car, with your new boyfriend in a place you can only go to when you have some extra time off. Be very specific about all details surrounding this scene, how it feels and what it looks like. 

5. Remove all doubt.

Doubt and insecurity can creep up on all of us, but if you are trying to manifest multiple things at once there is no room for any doubt or negative energy. That is one of the main reasons I don’t recommend focusing on many things for beginners because if you haven’t seen results for yourself yet there often are some doubts left. Especially if it takes more time due to divided focus. 

6. Give it your all.

You have to use all the tools in your manifestation toolbox for this to work, use the things you have done in the past that have brought you results and do them all. I usually go for at least scripting, visualization and affirmations. But you should choose the ones that have worked best for you in the past.  

So, how many things can you actually manifest at once?

As you’ve seen in this article you can manifest multiple things at once, but it is hard. How many? It’s impossible to answer as there is no set number. Some people can have an extreme focus on many things while other people can only focus enough on one thing at a time. 

And I have one more thing for you to consider.

I know we all want a lot of things right away but if you do too many things at once and fail you have cost yourself valuable time. If you focus on one thing at a time you might actually get faster results because you will succeed from the beginning without wasting time on failure due to lack of focus.  

And if you try to do many things at once, remember that you have to really put in the time, the universe doesn’t just deliver you what you want because you think about something, you still have to put yourself out there. 

As I mentioned in the beginning I really recommend getting a numerology report if you want to achieve success as it will give you an advantage in getting your desired results.