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If you are like me and like to experiment with the spiritual world to find your path in life and manifest the best things into it, then you have probably heard about Grigori Grabovoi Codes. If you haven’t they are codes that you can use for very powerful manifestations. You can use them to manifest anything into your life, no ask is too big as they also are known as ”cheat codes to the universe ” Below you can find a link to a grabovoi codes list free download. 

Before you start to use your english grabovoi codes pdf

As with all manifestations it is important to know that you are manifesting the right thing for you and that it is a positive thing, otherwise your results can be discouraging. That is why I always recommend getting a free numerology reading before you use this Grabovoi Codes PDF. You can get it here, and did I mention it is free? 

Having a personal numerology reading has many benefits, including: 

* Manifesting what you are looking for quicker

* A stronger connection to the universe

* Better understanding of your life and purpose in it

* Seeing the universe’s signs clearer because you will know what to look for

* Aligning with your real true calling 

Get your free numerology reading here. 

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How to use Grabovoi Codes in this pdf

Journaling: sit down with a paper and pen to write down your manifestations and the code on the same page. When you use journaling as a way to manifest it is important to be very detailed in your descriptions.

Memorize them: look in the pdf and learn the grigori grabovoi code that suits your purpose the best. Memorize it so you can repeat it in your head when you want to. I recommend at least before and after bed as that is an easy time to get it in your routine, but you can do it throughout the day for even more powerful results.

Use in affirmations: Do affirmations that suit your manifestation, remember to keep them as positive as possible for best results. Say you affirmation and then: activating code (insert suiting code here).

Use during sleep: Write the code from the grigori pdf on a piece of paper. Tear of the part where you have written your code and put it under your pillow to keep her while you sleep. 

Visualization: Do as you normally do your visualizations, sitting in a safe space where you wont get disturbed. But this time write the code on a piece of paper, fold the paper and hold it over your heart with both hands. As usual you should be very detailed in your visualization. 


This article was a pretty short one, but I hope you found everything you were looking for. Use the grigori grabovoi codes to find what you are looking for in life. 

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