How to manifest a new car

A lot of us are in need of a new car because the old one is unreliable and beaten down and we just need something that works and takes us from point a to point b. There are also some people that have bigger dreams and want a really expensive car like a new BMW, Audi, Mercedes or even a Ferrari. No matter in which category you are, this How To Manifest A Car article is for you!

Manifesting a car – Does it work?

This is a question that many people have, and rightfully so. But I wouldn’t write this article if it didn’t work. There are countless people that have had success in manifesting a car, I among them. I was really in need of a new car as my old Saab had broken down so I did the steps in this article and two weeks after it just happened that I got an offer to buy a used Audi A5 for half price off from the market value. Need I say I bought the car and it’s been amazing. I could not have afforded this car for its normal price.  

To get results it is important to follow the steps very closely and to know that you are on the right track to manifesting a new car. The fastest way to see that you are on the right track is to get your free numerology report from this site. With this report you can tell if you are doing it right.     

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Steps to manifest a new car

So now it’s time to get on with how to manifest a car. This strategy is written in multiple steps and it’s important that you do all of them and follow the instructions very carefully. 

Step 1: Get clear on what car and why

This is the first and perhaps the most important step of the whole process to manifest a car.  Your thoughts and beliefs are like a magnet that emits energy helping you attract what you want, in this case a car. To get results you have to be very clear on what car you want. So think really hard on what car you want, is it a sports car? An environmentally friendly car? A family car? Is it a drop top? Think of all the different types of models and what would suit you the best. 

But knowing what type is not enough, what brand do you want? If you have trouble clearly selecting a brand you can watch movies or YouTube videos to get inspiration. And then you have to think of what model and specs the car should have. I know this seems like a lot, but it is very important that you are very precise. This includes thinking about the color of the car, the color of the interior and every little detail that you can think of. Start journaling it down if you feel it is a lot to keep in your head at once. 

Now the second part of this step is why you want the car. The why is very important because it will decide if you do it for positive reasons which increases the likelihood of success or negative reasons which most times leads to failure in manifesting a new car. Answer these two questions to start:

⦁Why do you want to manifest a car? 

Ask yourself why you want a new car? Is it for good reasons? If you are just wanting a new car to impress other people or because you are jealous of someone else you are on the wrong track as that sends out negative vibrations. Find a good positive and happy reason for wanting a new car, that really will benefit you. 

⦁Why do you want that specific car? 

As with the other steps, be very detailed when you think about this. Find the positive functions and reasons for the specific car you want. 

Step 2: Visualize using your new car

Visualizing is a very powerful manifestation technique. That is why many people in sport always visualize them winning before a match or race. 

But you are looking to manifest a car, but it works the same way. The things you visualize manifests as your reality. For this step it is best to be away from other noise or distractions and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and relax as much as possible. And follow the points listed below:   

⦁Start by visualizing driving your new car. Visualize how it feels and how you feel driving it.

⦁Try to feel like you are driving it on your favorite road and the weather is perfect. 

⦁How does the seats feel? Imagine sitting in your new comfortable seats in your new car. 

⦁It doesn’t matter if you go fast or slow, drive at your favorite speed. Focus on just driving.

Try to focus on the thing that is fun with a new car, that will send out positive vibrations into the universe.

Step 3: Get away from restricting beliefs

Restricting beliefs are thought processes that often hinder us from getting what we want, often because we see obstacles instead of possibilities. These thoughts often come from outside of ourselves because we get influenced by other people. Friends, family members and social media are big culprits as they often influence us more than we recognize, making us doubt ourselves and our own beliefs. When it comes to manifesting a new car the most common restricting beliefs are: 

⦁ I can’t afford a new car

⦁ It is not possible to manifest a new car

⦁ I don’t have the means

These beliefs have two things in common, they most often come from influence of other people and they are all false. They can also come from your past if you have been in a position before where all seemed hopeless. 

The key in this step is to try and let them go, it doesn’t matter what your friends, family and society think you can or can’t do. It is all up to you, you are the author of your own story and can make things happen for yourself. Don’t be afraid to recognize or observe your own restrictive beliefs, that is the fastest path to letting them go.

Step 4: Affirmations to get over your restrictive beliefs 

Now that you know what your restrictive beliefs are its time to overcome them. I consider affirmations the fastest way to do just that. For those of you who don’t know, affirmations are statements or phrases that are very positive in nature that you can use to get rid of the negative thoughts about problems you see in manifesting a new car. I am worthy of a new car.

For best results using affirmations you should find a few of these phrases and say them to yourself multiple times per day. When you say them you should really focus on how happy it makes you feel when you say it. As how you feel is a big part of it, it is important that you find affirmations that suit just you! So I can’t give you the exact phrases but I can give you the ones I used when I manifested my Audi I wrote about in the beginning of this article. 

⦁ I deserve a new car

⦁ I love my new Audi A5

⦁ I love my new leather seats

⦁ I deserve a white Audi

⦁ My new Audi will be so much fun to drive

⦁ It is so nice to drive a reliable car

As you can see these are easy phrases, but they are also very important as to details of what was important about my new car. I really wanted an Audi A5 with leather seats, I knew that the turbo engine would be fun to drive and I really felt like I deserved a new car that was reliable as my old car had broken down. I went with just 6 affirmations, but you can do more if you have more important things to say about it. I chose a few but said them many times every day. And most importantly I really believed what it was saying, trying to visualize what I said in my mind at the same time.

Step 5: Let the universe control the outcome

This step might seem a little strange as you do all the steps for a desired result and then leave the outcome to the universe. But the reason it is important to let the universe control what happens is that you let it know that you believe in the divine plan and that it will provide for you. If you try to control the outcome of your affirmations about your new car it shows the universe that you don’t trust its plan and this is a recipe for disaster. 

Do you think you will get what you want if you don’t believe that it will work? I will give you a hint, you won’t. The key in this step is to let go of your expectations about results and let the universe guide you. A new car doesn’t always show up in the way you expect. Take me for example, I always thought I had to go and buy my new car myself, instead an offer came to me to buy a car I wouldn’t had been able to afford for half its value because I did what’s in this article but trusted that the universe would lead me the rest of the way.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and will enjoy your new car however it shows up. Remember to do the steps as written out and let the universe take control to manifest a new car. 

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