What does it mean when you lose a crystal

We all lose things and often it doesn’t have a deeper meaning and stuff is just gone for a while before appearing again. Like me with my keys, like all the time… But losing a crystal is different, you have it for a specific reason and losing it might carry a deeper meaning and a message from the universe. 

For the fastest way to understand the meaning of lost crystals and everything else that might be happening in your life I recommend to get a numerology reading here. It’s completely free and will give you a lot of answers in a short period of time. Otherwise I have written multiple different meanings of losing a crystal below. 

What does it mean when you lose a crystal?

1. It’s wrong for you at this time

You misplace or lose the crystal subconsciously because it is not right for you at this time. It might send out or attract the wrong energies for what’s happening or what you want in your life right now. The frequency of the crystal might be out of sync with the energies you send out so it tries to get away from you. To find out if any of this is true, it is important to know what properties your specific crystal has and if it aligns with your life now or if it doesn’t fit in. 

2. The crystal has evolves

I know it might seem a bit strange to people who isnt that informed about crystals. Katrina Raphael is a writer on this subject and has written that Crystals can evolve from its physical form. If you work close and deep enough with crystals she states that they can become light and intertwine with your own aura. It can also evolve back into physical form, which is why we can find them again after we thought they were lost.  

3. A lesson in mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about being in the now and both seeing and feeling what you are doing and what’s happening all around you in this exact moment. If this crystal is one you cherish, it might be a lesson or a sign from the universe to you that you need to do just that and focus on the now. If you were in the now you would not have misplaced the crystal and that’s the lesson.  

4. You have no need for it

Sometimes you have crystals that fit perfectly in your life and align with what you try to manifest, do or seek at this certain chapter of your life. But maybe that time has ended and you no longer need the energy and vibration this specific crystal sends out. For example, if you use a crystal for attracting love and you already have achieved success in that area of your life you lose the crystal and realize that you actually didn’t need it anymore and it was meant to happen for you to achieve new things. 

5. You are not ready for the crystal

A powerful crystal can have energy that is too much for you to handle which can throw both you and your life out of balance. This usually ties in to one of the earlier points that you need to have the right crystal for the right time. If you are still healing from a breakup, you are in need of a healing crystal and not a crystal to attract new love, that might be too much too soon. And that’s why you lose it, because it’s wrong in your life right now. 

6. The crystal has moved on

Maybe it was the crystal’s own choice to move on to someone else because they needed it alot, and you had gotten all you could out of the crystal. That is the reason crystals come and go, sometimes only for short periods in life. The same reason might be if a friend gives you one of their crystals because they feel the urge to do so, the crystal influences them to do it because it has done its job with that person and is ready to move on to someone new who needs the energies it sends out. 

7. You are out of alignment with the crystal

One of the more common reasons you lose a crystal is that you and the crystal are out of alignment. Some people make the mistake of jumping head first into using crystals without knowing anything about them or the works of the universe. While it is not dangerous to do so, it is also not very effective and your results might be bad. And that is a common reason why beginners lose their crystal as it’s the universe’s way of telling you to slow down, study, learn and do it the right way. 

Again, the free numerology report will help you immensely to understand a lot of these concepts and what you should focus on in your specific case.   

8. You lose a crystal because something new is coming

A crystal might be lost because you are about to enter a new era in your life. Losing the crystal doesn’t tell you what is coming, but what isn’t. In this case you lose it because it will not suit the coming part in your life and another crystal will be a better choice.  

9. You manifest too much energy into the crystal

This problem is especially common for beginners of manifestation. A crystal can only take in so much energy before there is a problem. If you manifest too much into it it might get lost or even more common in the case of manifesting too much energy, it might break. So listen to the advice above and study before starting to use crystals, it is important you know what you are doing for good results. 

10. It doesn’t have a meaning

As if this wasn’t confusing enough with 9 different reasons you might lose a crystal listed before this one, it is an important one to have on the list. 

It might not mean anything that you lost your crystal, we all are human after all and we lose stuff all the time. As this one makes it confusing, you have to trust your intuition on if it has a spiritual meaning or if you just lost it. Again, this is why numerology is a good tool for you to use. 

11. Putting too much fat in the crystals

If we really want something to happen and we have found a way to achieve it, in this case through crystals. It is very easy to rely too much on only them and forget that you are still the most important part of what you want. 

As an example: you have a crystal where you manifest to attract a partner and love. If you just sit on your couch not doing anything all the time just expecting the crystal to do all the work for you and bring a lover in through the front door without reason, then you are relying too much on the stone and not enough on yourself.

Crystals work, but you still have to put yourself in the position to meet someone by going to places where there are people and maybe even talk to some of them, that’s where the crystal will work its magic and help you manifest the love you desire. This goes for everything you are trying to manifest and not just love. 

If you lose your crystal it might be a message from the universe that you still need to put in some work yourself so you get in a position where the universe actually can help you. 

12. The crystal has lost its energy

The last thing losing a crystal might mean is that it has just lost its power. If you have tried to recharge it or clear it but still lose it, it might just be that it doesn’t work any more and then it was probably for the best anyway as it would just have given you false trust and hope. 

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What should you do if you lose your crystal? 

If you have lost your crystal it might be confusing not just to understand why, but what should you do after it’s lost? Don’t worry, I will tell you below. 

Pay gratitude to the crystal 

For whichever reason your crystal is gone you should pay gratitude to it like a old friend for having supported and helped you in the past. The crystal might have done more for you than you could ever realize and it is important that you show that you know that to the universe. 

Look for a new crystal

If it feels right to you and you still feel that you have more or new things to manifest, it’s okay to start to look for a new crystal to have in your life. Choose a crystal that suits your life as it is now, it is not sure that you have the same manifestations or goals. That means that you need to think about what your new crystal is really for and maybe buy a different one than the old one. 


Crystals can be confusing and there are alot of different scenarios and things to think about, but I hope what I have written will help you figure out why you lost your crystal. And I know I said it earlier in the article but I really recommend getting a numerology report as that is the fastest way to understand what is happening to you and why.

Other benefits include: 

  • Manifest what you are looking for quicker
  • A stronger connection to the universe
  • Better understanding of your life and purpose in it
  • Seeing the universes signs clearer because you will know what to look for
  • Aligning with your real true calling 

Get your free numerology reading here. 

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