Spiritual meaning of running into an ex

Running into your ex can be both a good, a bad and an uncomfortable thing depending on how you ended things. But no matter which category you fall into, it is sometimes very hard to understand the spiritual meaning of running into your ex. For a fast answer you can get a completely free numerology report if you click here. Or you can continue to read this article and I will explain some of the different reasons you might run into your ex in sometimes unexpected places.

That you have unresolved issues

If you have unresolved issues with your ex from your time together, running into your ex might be the universe’s way of telling you to solve them. This reason can come both from you, from your ex or it is an issue you both might have. Don’t be afraid to confront these issues as that is a way for you to let them go in the long run. 

It might be a sign that universes want you to be with your ex

The universe has a plan for all of us and it will provide what is best for us as long as we trust it. Maybe you ended your relationship in a huge fight but now the universe puts you both in the same place for you to make up and be a couple again. This is one of the signs that the universe wants you to be with your ex again. 

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Your ex misses you and wants you back

If you run into your ex often it might be a sign that he wants you back. The universe might be keeping you in each other’s orbit because you are spiritually connected and your ex misses you. There is a big chance that your ex can’t keep you in their mind after seeing you, especially if you look extra nice that day. In this case there is a big chance your ex will contact you later that same day.

Signs you’re manifesting your ex back

If you want to get back with your ex and are manifesting to get back with your ex, running into him here and there is a sign that what you are doing is working. Read our full guide on manifest ex back in 24 hours. But to be sure, running into them is not enough and needs to be paired with at least another big sign. Below I have listed a few.   


Synchronicities are quite of a broad term and can be quite a few different things. It is a group term for messages you receive from the universe that regularly appears in your daily life. Running into your ex is part of this sign especially if you run into them in very unexpected places where your ex usually wouldn’t be, but it might also come as a very clear message like a text message where your ex contacts you.

It can also be in the form of words, songs or movies that appear in your life that has a special meaning for you and your ex. Or it can be angel numbers. Everything that you see that shouldn’t happen very often and at best be a coincidence but happens regularly in your daily life goes under the umbrella Synchronicities. 

Signs from the universe

If you start seeing your ex, or any other person you are trying to manifest for that matter regularly in your life it is a sign that you are doing it right, that its working and that you are close to succeeding in your quest. To be sure that you are on the right track you can ask the universe for a sign that you actually are, try this phrase: “Universe, please show me (insert your sign) in the next 24 hours if my manifestation is close”.

The super important part with this method is to be very open to your surroundings and what happens around you in your life. If you’re not you might miss the sign and start doubting your whole manifestation and that is a recipe for disaster.

Seeing your ex in your dreams

Some of us dream a lot and some of us don’t dream very often and has trouble remembering what we dreamt after waking up. No matter who you are, if you start to see your ex in your dreams it is a strong sign that your manifestation is working and are on the right track. Especially if it happens multiple times. Most often we see signs of a manifestation working during the day when we are awake, but showing your ex in your dreams is a way for the Universe to show you signs even when you sleep. 

You start to see love around you

Wherever you go you start to see love, it might be friends, family and coworkers, when you go out in the streets, a bar or sit at a cafe you see happy couples all around you. This might be a positive sign, but it depends on how it makes you feel when you see all the love around you. 

If this makes you feel lonely, jealous of them or you start to question why they are happy and you’re not, it is a bad sign and you send out negative vibrations into the universe. 

But if you see it and you feel happy for the people you see have found love and are very happy couples it indicates that your manifestation is going the way you want and that it is close to coming to fruition. 

Positive gut feeling

Sometimes we just get a positive feeling about what is about to happen in our lives. We don’t know why or where it comes from but we can feel it’s something positive, it’s called intuition. When you have these positive feelings, go with them and trust that it is the universe’s way of telling your subconscious that your manifestation is coming true and that it is close. 

You don’t force the outcome

One of the most common hurdles for people looking to make a manifestation is to let go of the outcome. We do the manifestation because we want a result, but we can’t force it. The universe will take its time and you have to trust it. The universe has its plan for you and will provide the best path for you. If you feel that you have let go of the result, that’s usually when your desires manifest and it is one of the most powerful signs that you will succeed. 

Belief that you have succeeded

The last sign is that you already feel like you have succeeded in manifesting your ex back. It feels like it did when you were together before, you feel the comfort and happiness you felt back then. It can also show itself in the way of knowing it will happen, you have sure felt this way about other things in life that might even have been a bit far fetched, but you felt strongly it will happen and sure enough, you were right. 


I hope this article has helped you at least in some way to get an understanding about the spiritual meaning of running into your ex. Like I wrote in the beginning of this article I recommend getting the free numerology report done so you can be sure what it means as you have seen in this article there are a few different ways to interpret running into your ex. 

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