Manifesting your ex back success stories

A Lot of people wonder if its actually possible to manifest their ex back, I can assure you that it’s very possible although not always an easy task. If you are in a hurry you can read my article about how to manifest your ex back in 24 hours. There I have listed a plan for you on how to go about it.

This article will contain some motivation for you and I will present you with manifesting ex success stories. But before we get into it I will give you a important tip so you can achieve success too. Have a very solid and thought out plan on how to do it! The easiest way is to read the article I wrote about above and get your hand on a copy of the manifest you ex back book. Which you can get here. 

Manifesting an ex back success stories

Story 1: The Girl from The Humble Oak

The first person on this list that has had success in manifesting an ex back is a woman from the humble oak you tube channel. According to her this is how she achieved success in her manifestation. 

The first thing she did was to increase the distance between her and her ex. This meant blocking him on social media so he couldnt contact her at all or see the pictures he posted, she cut it off completely and let him go. 

Without being too obsessive she started using visualization to bring him back, she visualized that he was coming over knocking on her door. She only used the technique once per day to make sure she didn’t overdo it. And it didn’t take very long before that’s what actually happened and he came knocking. 

If you want to try this yourself, distance yourself from your ex and stay in your own space, give it some time before you start to visualize him coming back in a way that suits you. Don’t obsess, just show the universe what you want and let it guide you on your path. 

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Story 2: A girl on reddit

This girl had a big breakup with her boyfriend of 3 years and it was a pretty bad breakup with a big fight. She ended up on a subreddit looking for ways to manifest her ex back and she got the advice that she should focus on herself first. 

So she did just that, she worked very hard on letting her ex go and managed to do it. The next part of her process was to try and find happiness again through finding the positive things in her life and in situations that at a first glance might have been pretty negative. She found happiness in the now, without worrying about the past or the future.  

The last and most important part for her was to work on her connection to the universe which she did through learning about manifestation and meditation. 

Three months after she had achieved all these changes in her life she got a text from her ex that said ”I miss you”. Through the growth she had gone through she had evolved into a person attracting her soulmate back by just focusing on herself. 

Story 3: Manifesting back a twin flame

This story is actually about my friend who has a twin flame that she had broken up with. All breakups are tough and being away from someone you really love is heartbreaking, but for twin flames it’s the worst thing that can happen.

My friend had found her twin flame but after a while their relationship went sour and they were constantly having small fights so they couldn’t take it anymore and broke up. 

As my friend is very well versed in the law of attraction and spirituality she used her cunning in numerology to see what the universe was communicating to her. She got the message that she had work to do on herself before she would be ready to find a deeper connection to her twin flame. 

She worked on finding happiness in her own life by herself, progressing at work and tried to bring her new positive vibrations out in the universe. After a while the angels sent a new message that it was time to get back to her twin flame so they could reunite.  

Through visualization and scripting she brought him back to her and now they are more happy than they ever were before, this is because both have grown both as people and spiritually. 

Story 4: A quora user manifested her ex back in 48 hours

A user on quora wrote an interesting post about her having a mutual breakup with her boyfriend and then getting him back in about 48 hours. The couple had been in a stale relationship with her boyfriend where they had stopped doing fun things, work had gotten between them and they didn’t spend enough time with each other.

Just after they broke up she wanted him back as soon as possible. She manifested him back through multiple ways which is needed if you want success in such a short time. 

She used scripting, visualization and affirmations. She thinks the biggest key in her success was that she didn’t just manifest him back, instead she manifested them doing fun things together, the things they didn’t do that had made their relationship boring and mundane. She focused on them doing both daily things like eating dinner together but also that they went on amazing vacations together, dancing in the sunset. 

And within 48 hours he called her and told her that he still loved her but that they needed to spend more time focusing on them as a couple and not let the rest of life get in between their love. 

Story 5: A user from a facebook group

This 5th success story will really show you how powerful letting go can be in manifestation. A girl had been dating a guy for over 1 year, but she had been having doubts about the relationship because she was scared that he didn’t have the same love from her as she had for him. As usual, the signals that you send out are what will manifest and her doubts became reality when he suddenly didn’t want to see her anymore. 

She couldn’t let him go and was thinking about him all the time months after their breakup and one day he contacted her and wanted to meet. He told her that he just wanted a sexual relationship as he missed that part but not the rest. 

This might sound really bad, but it was the turning point in this story as that is when she actually let go of him and started to get out there dating other people even though she still had love for him. When she had been on dates with a few different men she finally had found one that was nice, hot and driven so she completely forgot about her ex. 

That is when the ex sent a text to her asking if she was okay, because he said he felt that something had happened and that he wanted to know she was okay. After that the ex came back into her life and they are now a couple again and both are just as committed to each other.


There are a lot more success stories out there if you search the web a little. The thing that can make manifesting your ex back a bit tricky is that there is so many different ways to do it. Therefore I always recommend getting a free numerology report here, so you have a cheat sheet on what signs to look for, what applies to your specific angel numbers and to get a deeper understanding of the universe. 

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