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We all have some people on our lives that are very annoying to be around, you know that person who is self absorbed, brags about their accomplishments, that is just too much and takes up too much space as soon as he or she walks into the room and it might be a friend, actual family or that annoying person that’s always just around. For whatever reason you want the person gone from your life, then you can try using the law of attraction to remove that someone from your life. 

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But as always, I have written an article here where I thoroughly go through the steps to manifest someone out of your life. 

How to manifest someone out of your life? 

Two awesome manifestation exercises to do

The fastest way to get your manifestation rolling is these two exercises to manifest someone out of your life. 

Visualize they are gone

This is an exercise that focuses on your goal, it works very similar to meditation so find a safe and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed during the exercise. You only need 5 to 10 minutes to do this. 

Sit down, close your eyes and breathe slowly using your stomach. Visualize a scene where you talk to a person that knows both you and the person you want gone from your life. Start the conversation off just a you would if you meet the person in real life with all greetings, how are you and so on. When that is done ask the person ”have you spoken to x?” x is the person you want to manifest away so insert the person’s name in the question. 

Visualize that the person you are talking to says that X has moved away, far away. Paint your own scenario of where he is, it might be a college far away, working abroad or whatever you can come up with. As long as it is a place so far away that you never will run into the person you are doing it right. 

Make a manifestation list

Making manifestation lists is a powerful tool in any manifestation. In this case you should write down all the things the person does that you don’t like and all the reasons you want him gone from your life. It is important that you use a pen and paper for best results. 

This is one of the rare occasions in manifestation and law of attraction where you don’t focus on the positive and only write down negative things. But you will turn this around with another list where you will write down all the positive things about that person that you are willing to sacrifice when losing that person.

Try to focus on the positive list when you are done to send out positive vibrations into the universe, when you focus on enough good things there are no room for any negative in your life. 

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10 more tips of manifesting someone out of your life 

1. Stay peaceful to manifest someone out of your life

Having peace within is sometimes a tough task, especially around that person that annoys you and sometimes even makes you mad. But it is a powerful way of manifesting someone out of your life. You see, in the spiritual work you attract the same vibrations that you send out into the universe. If you get mad, annoyed and start to get into it with that person you send out negative vibrations and that will attract more negative people to your life. 

We create either positive or negative charges within us as we react to negative people and situations. These charges attract similar situations in your life. That’s why we meet only negative people and attract negative situations creating a kind of loop.

So try not to react to what the person is doing, go about your business focusing on having fun and staying positive. I know it can be hard at times so I have devoted a whole article to manifesting peace that you can read here. 

2. Focus on positive people

If you always focus on one person it increases the chance of attracting him or her into your life. Even if we don’t mean to do so, negative people often take up alot of our minds because we are mad or annoyed about them. So to avoid manifesting a connection to the wrong people, focus on the people in your life that bring positivity. Think about how fun you had and what you like about them when you hang out. 

3. Focus on your self esteem

Negative people might look confident with all their bragging but often have bad self esteem and try to find other people that are the same that they can take out their own anger on. This doesn’t mean that all people with a low self esteem are negative, but it means that most negative people have a low self esteem.

Focus on becoming self loving and confident to steer clear of the negative people in your life. Having a higher self esteem also makes you less prone to be influenced by other people which makes you immune to negative energies. 

Building self esteem takes time but you will reach the goal if you focus on putting yourself out there and building stronger connections to other positive people you meet in your life.

4. Don’t resist that person

There are times when you will be in the same room as the person you want to manifest out of your life, it sucks but try to not resist that person when you have to meet. A great example is that the more you resist that person sitting next to you at dinner, the more likely it is that he or she will be the one in the chair next to you. 

Instead face it and try not to care who sits beside you at that event, you can have fun anyway! It is you who brings positivity.  

5. Break the connection to the person

This step applies to the times when you don’t have to meet that person. Try to break the connection between you and the person you want to manifest out of your life. This should be done in multiple ways: don’t answer the phone when the person calls or texts you, block the person on your social media accounts and email. 

If this type of person is not in contact with you they cant disturb or impact your life in any way. And if it is a person you have to see once in a while, try to increase the time in between to break the connection between the two of you and manifest that someone out of your life. 

And remember, don’t feel bad that you are trying to create distance. If it’s a toxic relationship it will be good for both of you. 

6. Hope the person succeeds in life

I know, I know this one might be hard if it’s about a person you really hate. But remember what i wrote earlier about sending out positive vibrations into the universe, you attract what you send out. 

Hope that the person succeeds in life and his or her relationships. This is positive manifesting at its finest and will benefit yourself in the end. And as a bonus, if that person succeeds it is a way bigger chance that he moves on into new social circles and you finally get rid of him. 

7. Understand that you attracted them 

It might be hard to accept, but you probably attracted this person into your life yourself. Think about why it might have happened and what you have in common that might have made a connection between the two of you. Again, remember what I said earlier about sending out energies into the universe? Maybe you went to a hard path in life and were a little down or mad and sent out the same type of energy that this person sends out. 

Dont be mad at yourself, understand that it might be this way and accept it to be able to let it go. 

8. Have clear goals

A Lot of the success in manifesting is to have very clear goals of what you want to achieve when manifesting something. If it is getting rid of a person in your life you need to be clear about why you want the person gone. It also has to be a goal that you actively work on, see step 5. 

9. Feel good without that person

Yes, I know you don’t like the person, but sometimes the person you want out of your life is still someone who has the same interests or hobbies as you, and after all you are in the same social circle otherwise you wouldn’t meet. So there might still be some part of you that really enjoys parts of the other person, it is just that his negative sides are way bigger. An example of this might be a person you dont like at all, but you can see that he likes you on Tinder so you get that small ego boost and feel good about it for a short while. 

Either way, you need to feel good in your life even without that person in it.

10. Be honest with them

This is a very important part of this article even though it really isn’t as much about manifesting someone away as it is a fast way to increase your quality of life. It might be that the person who annoys you isn’t aware that he is doing just that and just telling him will solve all the problems between the two of you. 

Tell the person what is wrong and make you feel bad and say that if that isn’t fixed you can see eachother any more. It sounds pretty harsh, but it is the fastest way to solve your problems and whatever way it goes there are benefits for the both of you. 

Why do we attract negative people into our lives?

Now you know how to get rid of the person that brings bad energy into your life, but how do you make sure that you don’t make the mistake of inviting a person into your life again? Below I have listed a few of the traps that can attract negative people into our lives. 

1. You are afraid to say no

Saying no can be kind of a superpower and it’s a power a lot of people lack. I myself am very bad at saying no things even if I don’t have time to help someone at a certain time. This might be a good quality towards other people who help back when you are on the other end and need the help yourself, but these negative and toxic people often are experts att using this to their advantage. Often with so much as a thank you. 

So if these people realize that they can use you, they will continue to do so as long as you don’t say no. This invites them into your life. 

2. Having no goals

If you have goals you are working towards you will have a set schedule to work after to reach it and won’t have time to spend doing boring and mundane things all the time. 

On the other hand you don’t have any goals, you open yourself up to negative people who don’t have any goals either because you will both have a lot of time. Some people like that will make it harder for you to find a goal too because they will try to make you stay the same even if you are looking to change. 

Find a goal in your life to work towards it and you will avoid a lot of toxic people.  

3. You attract what’s in your mind

If you don’t see your own worth and see yourself succeed in your mind you will attract other negative people. This is very common for people that come from a harsh place or have had bad experiences in the past. These negative experiences can manifest in your mind so you don’t think you deserve to be happy and that attracts negativity. 

Try to find the belief that you deserve to be happy and find success, because you really do! 

4. You share the same vibrations

I have mentioned it earlier in this article, but it is important enough to get its own point here. It might be that you are in the same mood, you have the same problems or you both are going through a rough time in your lives. All these are things that send out negative vibrations into the universe and you attract the same vibrations and energy that you send out. So trying to see the positive in a bad situation is always a good way to avoid attracting negative people even if you feel down yourself. 


There is quite a lot of information and tips in this article and I hope they will help you to manifest someone out of your life, and avoid attracting a new one so you have to do it all over again. 

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