Manifest ex back in 24 hours 

Are you as many other people out there? Dumped, heartbroken or made a mistake in breaking up with your boyfriend or husband and really want him back, and back fast, like in 24 hours? 

It is very possible to manifest your ex back in 24 hours with the right plan! The right plan for fast results are outlined in the book: Manifest Your Ex Back Book. 

Manifest Your Ex Back Book Review

It’s easy to lose precious time because you don’t have the right plan, risking that your loved one starts to obsess over someone other than you. This book is 92 pages packed with information on how you can stop that from ever happening by manifesting your ex back in 24 hours. So if you are serious in your endeavor in bringing your ex back by the law of attraction, then read it, write down notes and follow the steps in the book. 

Some of what’s included in the book:

How to manifest love with a certain person: In this part you are taught how to attract a certain person in your life, in the case of this article it will be used for an ex, but it can work on other people too. 

You will learn how to use your thoughts to attract love and abundance: You will get rituals and exercises you can do that if done correctly can attract anything you want. 

Habits that make any man obsess over you: In fact, seven habits that will attract any man to you. 

Magic words that are critical to your success: Two simple words that can change the success you will have. 

Techniques to improve your relationship: It’s not only about getting your ex back, with the techniques in this book you will get tools to create the perfect relationship.  

Visualization techniques: You will get techniques that will speed up your results.

The most powerful techniques: You will be shown how to act when you get your ex back, so he stays for good. 

These 7 points are just scratching the surface of this book, showing you some of what you get, in 92 pages you will get much, much more. 

What this book is not

It is not some freeride where you just say some love spells or think positively nonsense that you can find almost everywhere that doesn’t work. What’s in this book works and works very well, but it takes commitment, that you follow the steps in the book and to actually put in the time. 

Money back guarantee

Manifest your ex back is really cheap for being 92 pages packed with information and manifestation techniques. And the best thing? If you don’t like it there is a money back guarantee! 

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So what to do for the people who don’t have the money to spend on a book? 

Well there is still hope for you too as I will give you some free tips here, but you can’t be sure to have the same results with these free tips. And for sure not as fast as the ones listed in the book. 

Believe that you can get your ex back in 24 hours

The universe is always listening and to achieve success with the law of attraction you have to believe that you actually can do what you set out to do with your manifestations.

Release negative energy

If you are like me, there is a chance that you think back on negative memories from your past relationships. This is a very human thing to do, but it sure doesn’t lead to happiness and it is a terrible thing to do if you are looking to get your ex back. And even if you get your ex back, negative energy like this often leads to the relationship going the same way as before. 

Instead focus on the best times you had with your ex, and if you really think about it there is sure to be some really good moments to think about. Focus on these instead to manifest a happy new relationship. 

If you have trouble letting go of the negative thoughts there is a method a lot of people has had success with, it is to very detailed write down all the negative things that show up in your thoughts and burn it. This releases the negative energy that surrounds your old relationship, making room for something new and better. 

Look at old photos

If you successfully did the second tip on this list it is time to focus even more on something positive, strengthening the positive vibrations. Look at old photos of you spending time together, remember why you took the photo and what was so perfect about that specific day or time you spent together.


The most common and most powerful technique is visualization. It helps with both increasing your positive vibrational energy and to strengthen the connection to your ex. 

Visualize you two spending time together, if you have trouble seeing it clearly you can do it together with watching a photo of either him or both of you. When you get a clear picture of you two doing things together, being in a relationship again, your subconscious will start to accept and believe that you in fact are in a relationship again and when that happens your thought might start to become reality.


Increasing positive vibrations using scripting is a good and effective way to increase the chance of getting your ex back fast. There are many ways of using scripting to get results, but the easiest one that has worked for me is to: do it before bed time and write down all positive things you can think of about your ex. Doing it before bed makes your subconscious think about it during the night when you sleep and it is a great way for your manifests to stick. It can be done multiple times during the day also for even stronger results. 

Subliminal message during sleep to get your ex back

One effective way to impact your subconscious is to use subliminal messages. In this case that is to listen to recordings of positive affirmations about your ex during your sleep. Find multiple affirmations you like and record them yourself, then play the recording on repeat when you sleep. Play them for a minimum of 60 minutes to really get your message imprinted in your subconscious. For best results you should use headphones. 


I hope you got something out of my tips and that they will help you get your ex back. But getting your ex back in 24 hours is quite a tall order, this is why I recommend the Manifest Your Ex Back book as the plan in there is on another level than what I can write out in one article. And as it is with a money back guarantee there is no risk for you.

Manifesting peace

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