How to make someone obsessed with you manifest

So, you want to make someone obsessed with you using manifestation but you need guidance. Don’t worry! This article is packed with useful information just for you. If you are looking for the fastest results I recommend to get a numerology reading to guide you so you know exactly what to do in your specific situation. And oh, it’s completely free! 

Otherwise, continue to read this article and learn how you can manifest someone to be obsessed with you. 

Manifesting Someone to Be Obsessed with You Techniques

A word of caution before I start giving you all the tips and techniques, It is very important that you do this right because as the old saying goes:  “Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it.” 

Manifesting someone to be obsessed with you might backfire and that person can become a stalker that is not interested in love in a positive way towards you and instead are very creepy and can impact your life in many negative ways. 

So make sure that you really know what type of person you are trying to manifest and that you share the same positive vibrations. But now, on with the tips and techniques so you can make someone obsess over you if that is what you really desire. 

Have a clear goal

Just like all manifestations it is very important that you are very clear on your goal and what you really want to achieve. And the why is just as important. Having doubts or not being clear will make the chances of you succeeding slim as that sends out mixed signals to the universe. 

Journaling is a great way to both manifest what you want, but also to gain clarity for yourself. Write down the person’s name and everything you really like about the person, be very descriptive and pay attention to detail. And also write down all the reasons why you want to be with this person. Focus on finding positive reasons why and stay away from negative ones that send out negative energy, because that attracts negative people. 

Examples of negative whys are: loneliness, jealousy or desperation. 

Positive reasons include: love, having fun together and the belief that you will be happy together. 

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Visualization is a very powerful tool in manifestation and law of attraction. So of course we had to include it on this list. If you have never tried visualization before you can follow the steps below and try it for yourself, don’t be discouraged if you don’t really get it the first time as you might need some practice. 

1. Find a quiet place away from others where you wont get disturbed. Turn off things around you that might disturb your focus, that means tv, radio and your phone so you wont get a call when you are in the middle of this. 

2. You can do it standing, lying or sitting down, I prefer sitting down myself. If you practice meditation use the same position as you do there as this will be very similar. 

3. Start to take long breaths, close your eyes and feel as relaxed as possible. 

4. Start visualizing the person you are trying to manifest to obsess over you. Be very detailed, try to see all their visual features, the more detailed the better your visualization will manifest. Imagine you two being together, doing an activity you would enjoy to do with the person. Focus on how happy and positive that moment is for the two of you. Invite these feelings in, the more real it seems the better vibrations you send out. 

You can do this visualization technique every day for best results, and you don’t have to do it for more than 5 to 10 minutes per session. 

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The 369 Method

This technique works to manifest someone to make contact with you, miss you and obsess over you. This technique is best to combine with scripting. Write down positive affirmations about you and the person you are trying to manifest. The number 369 in this method is what explains how to do it. 

3 means that you should write down your affirmations three times in the morning. 

6 tells you to write them down six times in the afternoon.

9 stand for writing them down nine times before you go to sleep. 

A note of caution for the 369 method: It is a very powerful manifestation technique and using the word obsessed in your phrases can confuse the universe to actually make the person more of a stalker. Instead try to use a bit lighter words that are 100% positive in meaning. 

Overcome your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs put wrenches in our wheels all the time and it is only human to have doubt sometimes. The good thing is that you can overcome these beliefs that often hinder you from achieving success no matter what you are trying to do in your life.

In this case of manifesting someone to obsess over you common limiting beliefs are: 

* You are doubtful that manifestation works

* You have never even spoken to the person you are trying to manifest

* The person dont like me

These are just examples and it can be a multitude of other things. The thing here is to accept that you have limiting beliefs and that they are a part of your life, that is the first step to letting them go. Second step is to have a plan you work on to achieve your manifestation, if you have a plan you are actively working towards your goal and doubts and limiting beliefs will disappear during the road to success. 

Recite Affirmations

Another thing you can do to combat your doubts and manifest at the same time is to racite affirmations that make that special someone obsess over you. You can write them down, say them out loud or do both. 

For those of you who don’t know what affirmations are, it is a pretty simple concept, yet a very powerful one. It is positive phrases connected to what you want to achieve that you write down or say, preferably multiple times per day. 

Find 5 to 10 positive phrases that fit the person you are trying to manifest that you can use. 

Below I have listed a few examples to get you some inspiration. 

*I want (name) to be obsessed with me.

*I desire (name) to think about me as much as I think about him.

*Me and (name) deserve to be happy together

*It feels so good that (name) thinks about me all the time. 

These are examples you can use, but it’s even better if you find your own affirmations that are tailored for you two. The important part is to keep the affirmations as positive as possible to attract positive energy. 

Trust that the universe will provide

A common mistake that people make is to feel stressed about seeing results and try to force the universe into results. I know this part is quite hard but it is very important to let go of the result and let the universe provide it for you. The universe has a plan for you and will provide what you want, but it is not sure it will be at the time you expect. 

The fallacy is that this often happens when you are close to your manifestation to manifest because sometimes it takes time before the person shows up in your life. Maybe the universe decided that you were not ready for someone obsessing over you and delayed it from happening for a while.

Keep calm, trust in your manifestation and in the universe and sooner or later your wish will come true! 

Be mindful

This point ties in to trusting the universe. It can sometimes be hard to see the signs from the universe that what you are doing is working. Try to be in the now at all times, focusing on what is happening around you and you might start to see positive signs that your manifestation is working. If you miss these sometimes small signs it is easy to get discouraged and start to doubt what you are doing. 

Recognize the person

Is the person you want to obsess over you really your soulmate? or do you spend time chasing someone that might not be worth your time? To be sure you can try this awesome service a lot of people have tried to get a cheat sheet on how your soulmate actually looks. The customer reviews for this service are great and it has saved a lot of people both time and heartache. 

It is a service that draws your soulmate so you will know how the person looks so you don’t have to spend all your precious time manifesting someone who is wrong for you. And the best thing is that it works really well. Visit the site here.  Lägg in draw you soulmate affiliate från clickbank här. 

Dare to be yourself

This point is very important not just in manifesting but in all of life. Dare to be yourself around the people you want to attract. If you play someone else you send out negative energy into the universe and other people that pretend to be someone else will get attracted to you, maybe even obsessed. That makes your relationship a lie from the start and you won’t have the matching energies you both thought you would. 

I know this point can be scary, I sometimes fall into this trap myself even though I’ve gotten alot better at being myself in most situations, and I can tell you it both feels better and my connections to new people i meet gets deeper from the start.

To make this easier to achieve, focus on being happy in your life, get comfortable with who you are and don’t be ashamed about anything you like to do. If you are comfortable in yourself you will be yourself and attract the same vibrations that you send out into the universe. 


Like I wrote in the beginning, obsession is a strong word and it is important to not play around with it as stalkers are a real thing. To be sure to not mess up when trying to make someone obsessed with you manifest, I recommend getting a numerology report so you go about it the right way. It is free so it is a risk free investment. And there are quite a lot of more benefits to having a personal numerology report, like: 

* Manifesting what you are looking for quicker

* A stronger connection to the universe

* Better understanding of your life and purpose in it

* Seeing the universe’s signs clearer because you will know what to look for

* Aligning with your real true calling 

Get your free numerology reading here. 

Whatever method you decide to use I hope you got a lot out of this article! Until next time! 

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