Can you manifest bad things for yourself?

Can you manifest bad thing for yourself?

Can you manifest bad things for yourself? That is quite a common question people ask themselves, and unfortunately it’s not only possible but it happens more often than most people believe. I, who is writing this article, don’t see why someone wants to do that and ask the question more in a way that’s if it can happen by mistake and that is the way it usually happens. In this article we will go through a couple of pitfalls that make people manifest bad stuff to happen to them.

But first a quick tip

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Reasons you are manifesting bad things for yourself

There are multiple reasons why this might happen by mistake and in this section we will go through a few of them! 

Trying to manifest bad for someone else

The universe has put you on a path, and that path is to make you a better person, find things that make you happy and achieve success in your endeavors. The same applies for all people and if you try to manifest bad things to happen to someone else you are interfering with the angels plan. It can be something like manifesting someone to break up with their boyfriend or something even worse. When you try to make something bad happen for someone else you are often angry, sad or spiteful. These are all states of mind that hinders your own progress by focusing on someone else instead of your own progress. It also sends out negative energy into the universe which isn’t helping your own manifestations. 

Even though manifestations that impact someone else’s life can be done, we always recommend to stay away and focus on yourself instead. They are dangerous to mess with!

You have a bad mindset

Your mindset is essential to your positive manifestations succeeding, but your mindset can also create bad manifestations for you without you even considering it. Below we have listed a few mindsets that can create bad manifestations for yourself. 

Being negative: we all have periods of a negative state of mind or depression. As you probably have noticed it usually starts with one simple negative thing that happens, then another and another, and soon you start to expect bad things to happen to you around every turn. It might be a relationship where you think about the person letting you down, a promotion you think that you might not get or anything else. 

A big part of manifesting something positive to happen is to visualize the thing happening and if you spend your days going around thinking of negative things that might happen, then there is a risk of those negative things manifesting for you. Focus on the positive things you want to happen and try to stop worrying about bad things. 

Loss of focus: I have touched on it in the other points here as they are connected to this. But being all over the place and focusing on too many things at once and trying to satisfy too many people at once is a recipe for disaster. You have to stay focused on the most important parts in your life and when they are as good as you want them to be you can focus on the other smaller things in life and make them just as great. 

Without focus both your own manifestations can fail and there is a risk that something bad manifests instead because you took a risk without committing fully to it.   

Being vengeful: maybe someone has done something that has hurt you and we know it really sucks. But it will suck even more if you let it manifest bad things for you. If you focus on someone else and want them to feel the same way as you do, then your focus will be on negative things instead of finding the positive things in your own life. The vibrations you send out will be negative and make people want to stay away from you. Instead try to focus on the things that are good or can become good for you! 

You don’t trust the angels: to succeed in life you have to trust the angels and let them guide you on the right path in life. If you listen and follow their instructions you will find what you are looking for. They have a plan and guide you not only towards success and happiness, but also around potential bad manifestations. 

Look for the signs and listen to them and you will avoid bad manifestations. 

How to not manifest bad things

So, in conclusion there are a few things you want to do if you want to avoid bad manifestations that you accidentally create for yourself. 

  • Focus on the positive things in your life and positive things that are about to come your way. 
  • Don’t spend your time focusing on things that can go wrong, visualize them going right. 
  • Focus on your own improvement instead of other people’s faults or actions.  
  • Keep your focus on the most important things in your life right now. Too many things at once dilutes your focus. 
  • Listen to the angels, they have a plan and it’s one that will give you happiness. 


If you follow what’s written in this article there is a very little chance that you will manifest bad things for yourself. Instead you will manifest good things. 

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