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You wake up in the middle of the night and the clock is 3:13, the address of the party you are going to is 313 and you see a number plate with the number 313 on it. Or it shows up in any other possible way, either way you realize the angels are trying to send you a message and wonder what it means for you and your twin flame. In this article I will go through what you could do before starting to work with the 313 twin flame number, what 313 means in spirituality, and what it means for twin flames and love.

Before working with 313 twin flame number 

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Angel Number 313 And Its Spiritual Meaning

Before we get to what 313 means for twin flames I will go through what Angel Number 313 means in general in spirituality.

313 is a very spiritual number and when you see it you should let the spiritual energy in and let it guide you. Embrace it when it shows up and you will find enlightenment, spiritual awakening and positivity in your path. Enlightenment and spiritual awakening means that you will find a connection or rather a deeper connection to the spiritual world, this will help you find yourself and your life’s path too.

Don’t be afraid to let the angels guide you, if you place trust in them you will be guided towards a path where you will experience life to its full potential. That is when you will find true happiness and meaning in your life. Another big part of this is to use your newfound meaning and happiness to make the lives of the people around you better too. Be mindful about the people in your surroundings and try to enrich their lives in ways that you can. 

313 is also a reminder that you should continue to work on your spiritual endeavors. Meditate, manifest and try to be as open to the universe as you possibly can. 

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Angel Number 313 Twin Flame Meaning

So this is the part that you came here for, what does angel number 313 mean for twin flames?

You see angel number 313 because it’s time for you to become more positive to send out that type of vibrations into the universe and find your pure love. It encourages you to do this as it will attract your twin flame into your life, and it must happen as that is the only love for you.  

It means that your new positive approach to life is a new beginning for you and that will bring you closer to your twin flame. So open your spiritual mind and listen to the angel’s message to you, open your heart and send out positivity and you might find out that you are closer to being with your twin flame than you thought. But beware to stay in the present, dont worry about past experiences or what might happen further down the road. Stay mindful about what is happening now and be present there so you don’t miss your twin flame when the person appears into your life. 

If you’re already in a relationship with you twin flame and 313 appears in your life it can still be a message from the angels. If you are struggling in your relationship it brings a message that you need to hold on for a bit longer and it will get better again if you do so. It might feel as if your partner isn’t fully committed to your relationship, it might be due to other obligations, work or just that the person is going through some things he hasn’t dares to speak of yet. Hold on, do your part in working on the relationship and try to bring positivity into it. Just a little more patience and you will be rewarded with newfound commitment from your partner and you will find a deeper connection to each other. 

Angel number 313 twin flame separation

If you are in twin flame separation from the person that you have been together with before and 313 angel number shows up, it can be a very positive message from the angels. 

It means that your twin flame has grown and evolved while you two were apart so that he now matches your vibrations. This means that there is a good chance that the person is on his way back to you and that your relationship will be that much better this time around because you have both grown to the same level of maturity. 

Now is the time for your souls to find eachother once again and this time you are ready for each other and your connection will be nothing short of magical. 

Angel Number 313 in Love 

For love, 313 can be a sign that your love life and work life balance is out of whack. You need balance of both to find true love. It might be that you are being obsessive over a specific person and as we know, when you try to control the outcome of a manifestation there is a big chance of failure. You have to trust the universe and the angels plan for you and that they will provide happiness into your life. 

It can be the other way around too, that you are focusing too much on your career so you unknowingly sacrifice your love life. If you are spending most time at work, not going out into the world meeting new people or not having the energy to spend enough time with that specific person you have an interest in you are destined for failure.

Balance is key and it’s the message from the angels to you. You should of course not sacrifice your career but maybe you have to take time for yourself so you can grow as a person too and you have to have the time and energy to go out and meet new people to find love. If you have already found the person you want to be with, make time you can spend with the person and you have to be mentally present too. I am sure you have dated someone that you felt wasn’t as invested in your relationship as you were, and there is a good chance that it was for the same reason. Being that their love/work balance was out of order. 

You only get one shot at life, at least that we know of. Love is greater than money and a career, so use 313 as a sign that you might need to slow down and find a more balanced lifestyle. If you have love in your life work will become easier too and then the money you want to make will follow. 


Twin flame angel numbers can sometimes be hard to both find and know what to do with. I hope this article has erased a lot of the question marks you had, but if you still have a few i yet again recommend to get you a free numerology report. It only takes a couple of minutes and its free. It really will help you find answers that much faster.  

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