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Are you in a period of your life where the angel number 1919 shows up all over the place? Maybe your bill when you go to the store is 19,99$ a little too often, when you pause a movie to go get a snack it is at minute 19 and 19 seconds or you go out to a party and realize the address is 1919. No matter how 1919 shows up in your life it has meaning for you and your twin flame and the angels are trying to send you a message about it. 

In this article I will lay out the possible meanings of angel number 1919 for you and your twin flame. If you are a regular reader of my content you are probably getting tired of me recommending you to get a free numerology reading to help explain your meaning in life, create a better connection to the universe and give you a fast track to understanding the universe and the angels messages to you even better. You can get it here.

But now, on with the article. 

What does angel number 1919 mean? 

If you just want the information about the twin flame of this number you can skip this part, but as I like to be thorough I recommend to understand the angel number better by reading this too to get the most out of this article. 

Angel number 1919 has four important numbers that have different meanings in numerology. 

Number 1 

The number 1 has the most important meaning in this sequence as it shows up twice and as 19 is also present two times which reduces to a 1 (1+9=10 and 1+0=1). It has a lot of value here. 

Number 1 sends a message of how important you are in your relationships, both in spirit, professional and in your personal life. It also sends the message that you should work on developing all things in your life, trying to grow as a person and making progress in your projects.  

Number 9

Number 9 shows up two times in this angel number and therefore carries alot of meaning in this sequence. 

Seeing number 9 or angel number containing number 9 is a sign that hard work that you have already done is about to pay off. It might be working hard for a new promotion or in the case of your twin flame, it might be that you are getting closer if that is a person that you are trying to manifest into your life. 

Number 10 

It might sound a bit confusing that 10 plays a role in angel number 1919 but bear with me here, if you reduce the number 19 (1+9=10) you get to 10, and that happen twice in this number. And yes it also reduces to a 1 but the number 10 has its own meaning. 

It has the meaning of you being very close to complete a important project or part of your life and that you will enjoy alot of benefits and recognition because of it. And as 10 shown up two times there is a good chance that you might complete two or more things. This might be connecting you your twin flame. 

Number 2

1919 reduces to the number 2. The reduction works like this: 1+9+1+9=20 which you then reduce 2+0=2.

The message from number 2 is that you should focus on working as a team with the people around you, it can be both at work, friends or in your love life. It also sends the message to put your own priorities a bit on the side and focus on creating common goals with the other people in your life so you can work towards success together. 

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1919 twin flame meaning

So now comes the part you have been waiting for, what the 1919 twin flame actually means. Angel number 1919 is certainly a twin flame number and is a very positive sign from the universe about love and your twin flame.

Whether you already are in a relationship or if you are single and seeking one this is a sign that promotes a union between two people who might differ quite a bit from one another, but has the same values at heart. It shows promise that you are entering a partnership that are created with true nurturing energy that is both adventurous and faithful.  

Twin flames are souls that are part of the same higher dimensional soul, and it can be very intense and quite challenging. That is why angels often intervene a lot with twin flames by trying to send messages through angel numbers. 

When will a twin flame see angel number 1919?

So if angels intervene and send a lot of messages, when will you see them? They might pop up when you least expect them too, so I have listed the most common times when they will show up in your life. 

Confirmation of twin flame 

It’s not easy to know if you actually are a twin flame as there is a lot to think about and doubt often shows its ugly face. Especially if you are in the beginning of your twin flame journey. Maybe you have suspected that you are one and have asked the universe and the angels for answers. If that’s the case and 1919 starts to show up in your life it is confirmation that it is so.

It might also be that you already are clear that you are a twin flame, but who is the other person? Is it someone you have met, someone you already went on a date with or somebody completely unexpected. Some people just know as soon as they meet their twin flame in real life and can feel the energy, while others have more trouble. 

Ask the angels who it might be, and when you start seeing angel number 1919 you will know who your twin flame is. 

When overcoming twin flame separation

Being separated from the one you love is a terrible experience and it’s extra hard you are true twin flames. We all know the feeling of being alone after a relationship and it’s no fun, even if you ended it for good reasons. 

If you are separated from your twin flame 1919 can be a sign that you are doing the right things to overcome the twin flame separation and that things will get better pretty soon. 

Entering union frequency

If you are past the separation of your twin flame and things in your life have gotten better and 1919 starts to show up, it means that you are entering or about to enter union frequency. 

This can be just before you get back together with your twin flame or when you already have connected enough to get back together. But don’t be fooled, just because you are back together doesn’t mean that all is well just yet. You still need to work on your relationship to achieve union frequency. But seeing angel number 1919 sends the message that what you are doing is right and that you are on the path to get there. 

What does angel number 1919 mean for love? 

If you are single and 1919 starts to show up in your life, it is a great sign that things are about to have a positive change in your love life. You will soon find a partner that will match with your vibrational frequency. The universe will bring you together because you are both growing and evolving in your lives, this often means that you will meet this person in a place that comes from your new growth, doing new activities in new places. 

If you have just started to date someone new it is a sign that your relationship is about to evolve into something more serious. 

1919 Twin flame soulmates

If you and your twin flame have been a couple in the past but have gone through a breakup, then 1919 is a number that shows up a sign from the angels that you might be due to reconnect. As time has passed you will have changed whether you know it or not, keep working on yourself in the same way and your wayward twin flame will return to you. 


I hope that you have gained some insight to what angel number 1919 will mean for you and your twin flame through my article. If you still feel confused and seek more answers, do yourself a favor and get a numerology report. It will help you understand your path through life and the universe in a deeper way based on your own angel numbers.

You can get it for free here. 

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